Our Immediate Projects

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Here at TravelCoin® Foundation, we’ve been busy completing numerous projects leading up to our big launch, but we’re definitely not stopping there.

Take a look at our immediate projects below:

Voting system smart contract for DAO and for different projects by TravelCoin holders. TCF is a community based not-for-profit company where we empower our Subscribers to elect Directors through a Smart Contract voting system to run this Foundation. This is a sign of a true democracy using the Blockchain technology.

In order to help TravelCoin Foundation Subscribers, TCF has launched a Secondary Market, an internal trading platform to trade TravelCoin only amongst Subscribers of TravelCoin. This facility has a number of benefits to TCF Subscribers. During the ICO period when TravelCoins are not available on the open markets, instead of waiting until the end of the ICO to start trading, TCF Subscribers can trade their TravelCoins amongst themselves right way. There is a limit on the maximum purchase a subscriber can make to receive TravelCoins. Those Subscribers who want to acquire more TravelCoins can use this Secondary Market and buy more TravelCoins from those who want to sell.

The future of communication is changing rapidly while at the same time there is an increased demand for higher levels of security-locked communication channels. The blockchain provides the optimum solution to the biggest problem in communication, that of placing trust in a third party for data security with a single authoritative entity for trust. Using the same authentication protocols currently used to transfer digital currency from secure wallet to secure wallet, TLC plans to launch a global IM system which will have multiple applications within the travel industry.

And there’s even more to follow with our world-changing future projects.

Join our global family when we launch on September 2, 2017.